Barzin Moridian


Hello, I'm Barzin. I program robots to help them better understand the world and make decisions. I also enjoy dispersed camping and making noise with my music instruments.


A list of places I've been affiliated with.

- [2019, Present]
Head of Robotics, Petra

- [2012, 2019]
Research Associate, NASLab, Michigan Tech and Purdue

- [2012, 2013]
Controls Researcher, EML, Michigan Tech


Take a look at some of my projects. I would be happy to give more details if you find them interesting.

Made a robot that learns motion control from its own experiences.
Built an autonomous boat that can navigate to a set of waypoints.
Trained a robot from demonstration to navigate in hallways using camera and lidar observations.
Trained simulated robots to avoid collision with multiple moving obstacles.
Developed algorithm for control of a team of multi-copters.
Developed a team of ground robots for establishing a mobile microgrid.
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Developed software algorithm for optimization and planning of multi-agent coverage or surveillance missions.
Developed an agile path planning algorithm for mobile robots in highly dynamic environments.
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Developed unscented and extended Kalman filter algorithms for simultaneous parameter and state estimation of buildings' HVAC system.

Also, here are a few scripts that I've put together, which might be useful for others.

Contact My preferred form of contact is email.