Barzin Moridian

Robotic Researcher

Hello, I'm Barzin. I program robots to help them better understand the world and make decisions. I also enjoy dispersed camping, playing guitar, and making videos.


A history of what I've been up to.

August 2018
Advising a senior design team to develop a cancer detection software using deep networks on CT Scan images
May 2018
Joined SSRR 2018 committee as publication chair
August 2017
Served as team mentor in NSF I-Corps site program
August 2016
Received Innovation Corps (I-Corps) site program certificate from NSF
January 2016
Newsletter editor of IEEE Cloud Computing
October 2015
Session chair of Multiagent Network Systems session at DSCC
August 2015
Received entrepreneurship certificate from SmartZone
December 2014
Received MSc in Mechanical Engineering
October 2013
Best student paper award finalist
July 2012
Received BSc in Aerospace Engineering


Take a look at some of my projects. I would be happy to give more details if you find them interesting.

Made a robot that learns motion control from its own experiences.
Open Block 1
Built an autonomous boat that can navigate to a set of waypoints.
Open Block 1
Trained a robot from demonstration to navigate in hallways using camera and lidar observations.
Trained simulated robots to avoid collision with multiple moving obstacles.
Open Block 1
Developed algorithm for control of a team of multi-copters.
Open Block 1
Developed a team of ground robots for establishing a mobile microgrid.
Open Block 1
Developed software algorithm for optimization and planning of multi-agent coverage or surveillance missions.
Open Block 1
Developed an agile path planning algorithm for mobile robots in highly dynamic environments.
Open Block 1
Developed unscented and extended Kalman filter algorithms for simultaneous parameter and state estimation of buildings' HVAC system.
Open Block 1


A list of places I've been affiliated with.

- [2013, Present]
Robotic researcher and lab manager, NASLab, Michigan Tech

- [2012, 2013]
Controls researcher, EML, Michigan Tech

- 2009
Systems and controls engineering intern, Zav Co.


My preferred form of contact is email.